Monday, January 16, 2012


Tried the cigars again on PW and well, got banned! E-mail below =)

Hi Stephen,

Your account has been found to be advertising cigars again, along with other sites with restricted advertising legislation, like gambling. Given that the nicknames on these ads were totally unrelated things like "candy" and "comics" it's clear that you were intending to circumvent our rules. Your account has been closed accordingly.


My life is over, how could you! Cigars are bad, cartoon pornography = no problem. Anyways, that was my last campaign anyways. Thanks!

Looks like that is the end of that method. Although that was my last try with them and my success rate was poor again. I still would recommend them for certain niches. Mainly comic, anime, and the likes.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Affilate again!

Ran into a minor kink in my ads with! They let me run my cigar ads for around a month and I was killing with them! Well all good things come to an end I suppose and they deleted them all as tobacco is against the TOS.

Tried to run a quick bit with them and did not get 1 lead!

Jumping back on the horse and rolling with Canadian only ads as they are much cheaper on the site. Only put a small sum up and did a little research. Will inform of how it went.

Thinking of maybe making an e-book on beginners affiliate marketing and how to play it smart and earn some money. Not get rich and retire money but a couple $100 a month with little to no investment or website.


Hitting a roadblock right now! I have a few methods making me some money but no motivation to do them. I'm just at a standstill and it sucks. I think I am going to pay someone to configure a WP theme I'm so stuck right now.

Need to get out of this slump!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Amazon KDP results

My bad for the long hiatus! I have been busy with work on and offline. Just wanted to share my expericnce with the Amazon KDP select program so far.

I was under the misconception that you get paid for "free books" you sell on your promotion days. I did notice my fisrt sales within that time period though with the increased publiciy. Nothing special but the numbers are below.

Amount Earned

Ran 2 more and the sold results are:

Should find out my earnings soon and will update on that as well.

Overall I think the KDP select progam has been great for me, I got some good reviews as well as exposure I would not have gotten otherwise.

I would however recommend not running you promotions all 5 days straight.